Alpha Go

“Alpha Go” (feat. on The 405 and Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist) from our album R.U.R. Illustrated and animated by Sun

I Don’t Like the Comics You Drew

Winner of Best Music Video at 2018 Anifilm Festival I Don’t Like the Comics You Drew Rap & Lyrics: Lei

SRP Live on The Great Wall

2017 Yinyang Music festival performance on The Great Wall of China

Listen (听)

Listen (听) feat. Zhang Le Video by Sun Yunfan Music: Dave Liang, Zhang Le, Sun Yunfan Lyrics: Sun Yunfan Producers:

Joke (笑話)

“Joke” from the album Life Elsewhere (她鄉) Video & Lyrics by Sun Yunfan (孙云帆) Vocals by Zhang Le (張樂) Clarinet

What’s up with That? Medley

What’s Up with That? is a multimedia collaboration with music by The Shanghai Restoration Project and visuals by Lei Lei

Mungbean Mash

A fun twist on six tongue teasers in the Shanghainese dialect. Featuring vocals by Zhang Le and animation by Sun Yunfan.

The Classics Album Medley

Animated medley of songs from our Classics release feat. Zhang Le. Video by Sun Yunfan.

The Classics Album Teaser

Album teaser for The Classics feat. Zhang Le. Video by Lawrence Chen.

Little White Boat

Last track from our Little Dragon Tales album featuring Zhang Le. Video by Sun Yunfan.

Uproar in Heaven x Shanghai Calling

Music video for SRP’s “Uproar in Heaven” feat. footage from the film Shanghai Calling. Directed by Daniel Hsia.

Breakdance of Yao

High-energy remake of a Chinese folk tune featuring the fiddlers Brittany Haas & Lily Henley.

The Wandering Songstress

The Wandering Songstress (天涯歌女) feat. Zhang Le. Video by NeochaEDGE. Songwriters: 贺绿汀 (He Lüting) & 田汉 (Tien Han) The Wandering

Pictures in Motion Album Medley

An album inspired by old Shanghai films. Video by NeochaEDGE.

sum of all things nini

A song created from the sounds of artist Nini Sum at work.

In a Faraway Place

Remake of a well known Chinese folk tune 在那遥遠的地方 with cellist Mimi Yu (尤虹文).

Little Dragon Tales

A collection of 12 classic Chinese Children’s songs with a modern twist featuring the voices of the Yip’s Canada Children’s

New Tea

“New Tea” features the artwork from members of NeochaEDGE, a creative collective based in China. The video was edited by Benjamin

Tokyo Diary

A sneak peek into SRP producer Dave Liang’s musical adventures in Tokyo.


A ten-track compilation curated by SRP and NeochaEDGE showcasing the leading independent electronic artists in China. Its release coincided with


A collaboration with American folk artist Abigail Washburn, Afterquake is an awareness album dedicated to those affected by the 2008

Flower by Kenzo Advertisement

Worldwide advertisement for LVMH’s Flower by Kenzo perfume brand featuring the actress Shu Qi.

Zodiac Album Medley

An album inspired by the Chinese Zodiac. Video by Radis Jensethawat.

Pace of Light

From the album Story of a City featuring vocals by Michal Towber. Video by Don Le.

Miss Shanghai

From the album The Shanghai Restoration Project featuring vocals by Dez, designer Lu Kun, and model Masson Ge. Video produced

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