Listen (听)

Listen (听) feat. Zhang Le
Video by Sun Yunfan
Music: Dave Liang, Zhang Le, Sun Yunfan
Lyrics: Sun Yunfan
Producers: Dave Liang, Sun Yunfan
Moorsing: Pirashanna Thevarajah
Jazz Guitar: Zhang Xiongguan

聽 聽森林睡去時的聲音
Listen, listen to the sound of the forest falling asleep

好像是ah-yi-oh-ay 哈欠連天太疲倦
Sounds like an exhausted yawn “ah-yi-oh-ay”

聽 聽河流改道時的聲音
Listen, listen to the sound of the river turning

Weaving back and forth out of control like it has nowhere to go

昨天夜裡 海底世界
Last night under the sea

An overnight congress took place

珊瑚工會 士氣低落
The coral union with low morale

神情沮喪 準備撤退
Looked dejected and was ready to retreat

海馬代表 動之以情
The seahorse reps made an emotional appeal:

“Hey, coral, hang on a bit!

“Let us unite to give humans one more chance”


聽 聽蜜蜂重返時的聲音
Listen, listen to the sound of bees returning to flowers

Like weary travelers reuniting with a long separated lover

聽 聽狼群歸來時的聲音
Listen, listen to the sound of the wolf gangs return

You know they have to have a rock concert when it’s the full moon

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