RELEASED: January 3, 2006
ARTIST: The Shanghai Restoration Project
LABEL: Undercover Culture Music
The Shanghai Restoration Project

An album inspired by the cosmopolitan spirit of the 1930s Shanghai jazz bands

1. Introduction (1936)

2. Nanking Road feat. Sasha Allen
3. Shanghai Express feat. Chester Gregory
4. Jade Buddha Temple feat. Di Johnston
5. Peace Hotel (What Is Love) feat. Taleen
6. Miss Shanghai feat. Dez

7. Lu Xun (Watch Me Dance) feat. Di Johnston
8. Babylon of the Orient feat. Amos Winbush
9. Pearl Tower feat. Roopak Ahuja
10. Avenue Joffre feat. Jason McNeely
11. The Bund feat. Shayna Steele
12. Old City feat. Di Johnston
13. Pudong feat. Jennifer Kim
14. Bubbling Well Road
15. Jessfield Park feat. Careina

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