RELEASED: November 8, 2019
ARTIST: The Shanghai Restoration Project
LABEL: Undercover Culture Music
Flashbacks in a Crystal Ball

Listen to our latest album here and read all about it here.

“New album ‘Flashbacks In A Crystal Ball’ lands on November 8th, and it broadens the pair’s retro-futurist aesthetic, adding a greater sense of colour and tone. We’re able to share ‘Beeswax Chamber’, and it’s play on the relationship between the metallic and the organic is utterly fascinating.” – Clash Magazine

“This organic sensuality is exactly what makes “Tactile Sonic Glide” so irresistible – it’s as if, by listening, you pour through a tunnel of living electronics, celestial, blissful, alien. Sublime.” – Pop Matters

“The stage is free, the atmosphere is collaborative, and the climate is humid. Classical-infused downtempo complexities, upbeat jazzy gems, and exotic, camp pop-disco – ‘Flashbacks’ reflects the resulting trip.” – DJ MAG

“[This] album experiments with sound in ways not pursued by many artists. Using everything from eloquent strings to retro synths, they highlight their musical range with an incredible attention to detail.” – Earmilk

“The glacial, almost contemplative pace of their sound is as experimental as it is meditative. Having been shaken by the current world, trends, inventions and global tensions that exist, it is no wonder the pair encourages us to take pause and be positive.” – METAL Magazine

“The latest offering from US electronic duo Dave Liang and Sun Yunfan is conceptually concerned with moments in which life- changing epiphanies take place, or where we cross the rubicon either through self-realisation, grief or enlightenment. It’s heady subject matter ably supported by an adept jazzy dexterity and musical flights of the imagination.” – Electronic Sound

“Simple y llanamente, olvídate de todo eso, porque lo de Shanghai Restoration Project opera en unas coordenadas totalmente ajenas a la imperancia del hype inmediato. Lo suyo es totalmente atemporal y, por lo tanto, está un poquito más cerca de lo eterno. Así. Ni más, ni menos. Chimpún.” – Fantastic Mag (Spain)

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